DaxBot Forex EA | FREE Premium Forex MT4 EA

DaxBot Forex EA is a revolutionary Trading Robot intended for MT4 Dax30 CFD. It works on trading momentum and volume and takes only the first signal of the session on 5 min chart. It is increasing lots size depending on the levels decided by the user.

We trade normally to the 4th level and the EA has a win rate of 60% on 20 points SL and TP. User has the ability to modify take profit and stop levels for each trade.

DaxBot Forex EA – [Cost $325]- For FREE
DaxBot Forex EA – [Cost $325]- For FREE
  1. Profit Every Month – Consistency is Key

Consistency is key and DaxBot has it. This pure consistency allows traders to plan stable returns on a month by month basis, without having to anticipate for a “big” trade.

  1. Choose Your Own Risk – Pick your own lot sizes

Trade the DAX from 0.1 lot up, so that’s €0.10 cents per point or €2 risk per loss. For the whales, you can trade up to €100 a point and greater,(€2k win), and for everyone else, there is the in-between.

  1. Clear Trading Plan – Hard Stop And Profit Levels

Using fixed profit and loss of 20 points, a trader can easily set their risk metrics as each trade has a finite loss. No martingale, grids or cost averaging techniques are used. The strategy is easy to manage and monitor.

DaxBot Forex EA – [Cost $325]- For FREE
DaxBot Forex EA – [Cost $325]- For FREE

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