ASCENT II EA | FREE Premium Forex MT4

Ascent II expert advisor designed and programmed by professionals at Cutting Edge Forex. The strategy is based around the fact that breakouts (whether caused by news reports, trend line breaks, etc..) create trends. Ascent II captures these emerging trends adding to positions when conditions present themselves for maximum profitability.

  • Uses dynamic self-adjusting Targets and Stops
  • Uses 2 strategies
  • Trades volatility breakouts on the 15min time frame. Designed on EURUSD
  • Long Term Profitable
  • Cuts losses short letting profits run
  • Programmed by professionals
  • No Grid or Martingale components
  • Designed, tested, and optimized using the highest quality data (Birt’s TDS)
  • Trades on average a few times a week
  • Robust! Not only surviving but THRIVING, over 10 years and all market conditions (including the great financial crisis of 2008


Default settings are intended for operation on the EURUSD 15min chart. ALL VARIABLES are left exposed however, enabling you the trader to optimize and trade Ascent II on many instruments.

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